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Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology helps enhance your overall health and keep your energy balanced. Each body systems shown above are connected certain areas of your feet.By massaging these zones, reflexology aims to reduce any stress or aliments that reside in any of your body's systems.

Five Elements Meridians Massage

Five elements of the meridian brush can quickly clear the body parts of the lymphatic vessels and meridians, and then play the effect of weight loss and beauty.Stretch bumps form tiny intervals to squeeze cellulite, break up hard fat, and are very effective in eliminating cellulite tissue. With the appropriate intensity, with the appropriate essential oils, through the meridians to the toxins waste no longer clogging accumulation. Effective combination of Chinese medicine five elements, presumed to the user's health value. Can achieve a multiplier effect of weight loss

Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments has a relaxing and calming effect,eliminates build-up of tension in the muscles and tissues, restores blood circulation and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and makes skin more elastic. The therapist thoroughly cleans your skin of your face and the make-up and waste products, as well as dust and dirt, so your skin can well absorb all the benefits of cream.

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